TEN FE Partners with Girl Scout Troop 1391

Troop 1391 in NKY has chosen TEN FE as their organization to help raise awareness of and they are highlighting the country of Guatemala for their International Day contest at the end of the month. Tonight they made bracelets that say "TEN FE" on them. They each made 2 bracelets; one to keep for themselves and one to give away. The receiver of the second bracelet is supposed to keep it only one week and then pass it on to someone else. Each time that a bracelet is passed on, the receiver will register on TEN FE's website with their first name and city and state. Each bracelet has been given a tracking number. The girls are excited to see how far these bracelets might travel across the U.S. Never underestimate the power of Girl Scouts. Muchas gracias y TEN FE.   Check out the log periodically to see how far the bracelets have traveled.