Alex, orphan, age 11, in the first grade.

Alex, orphan, age 11, in the first grade.

The Mission

  • To provide poor and underprivileged children with the fees and materials necessary to attend public school in Guatemala.

  • To provide orphaned children with these same resources, as well as food and shelter.

  • To establish a school/community center in Santiago for poor, underprivileged children and orphans.

  • To help children believe in their futures.                                                                                   

"When kids envision their futures, they make better choices."

            --Rob Levit, 2014, Founder of Creating Communities

School field trip to the Guatemala Zoo.  May, 2013

School field trip to the Guatemala Zoo.  May, 2013

 Blueprints for the TEN FE school/youth community center

 Blueprints for the TEN FE school/youth community center

What We've Achieved

What We Want to Achieve

2012 - TEN FE sent 6 children to grade school.

2013 - TEN FE sent 20 children to grade school.

2014 - TEN FE sent 30 children to grade school.

2015 - TEN FE sent 32 children to grade school and 2 children to middle school.

2016- TEN FE sent 35 children to grade and 4 middle school.

2017- TEN FE is sending 35 children to grade school, 5 middle school, and 1 to high school.

All TEN FE families receive basic food supplies on a monthly basis, in order to help offset the financial loss the families incur by sending their children to school, instead of work.

14 of the 42 students being cared for by TEN FE are orphans.


Our dream is to build a grade school in Santiago, Guatemala that will also serve as a youth community center.  We want to provide our students with a well-rounded education that will afford them opportunities for academic learning and literacy as well as social and emotional development.  Our goal is to instill in our students a life-long love for learning and to foster in them a sense of caring that extends beyond themselves and their immediate lives.  We want to provide these underprivileged students with the tools to overcome many of the obstacles they face from living in poverty, by nurturing in them these 7 character strengths:

  1. grit
  2. self-control
  3. zest
  4. social intelligence
  5. gratitude
  6. optimism
  7. curiosity        

- by Paul Tough, 2010