TEN FE was started in early 2012 with the mission of providing funding for poor children in Santiago, Guatemala, so that they could attend primary school. The idea began in 2011 after Julie Luebbers of Edgewood, KY, met several orphans there. Instead of attending school, they were working in the plaza shining shoes trying to earn money in order to buy food. Without an education, these children (and many others) have little chance of escaping the poverty in which they live. We want them to believe in themselves.



The Vision

Our vision is to help poor and underprivileged children attend grade school. Without basic literacy and math skills, the reality that faces these children is grim.

TEN FE believes that all children deserve a chance at having a better life and a brighter future.  It is our goal to help these children grow up and lead happy, peaceful, meaningful lives, which will positively influence not only their generation and community, but future generations and society at large.

All children deserve an education.

Take Action

Ready to take the next step?

  • Sponsor a child.

  • Donate to Project TEN FE 2018, to help us build our own school/youth community center

  • email jluebbers@msn.com to sign up to run (on behalf of TEN FE) or volunteer to work (on behalf of TEN FE) the Queen Bee in October 2018

  • Shop with AmazonSmile and select "Endeavor for New Futures Through Education Inc" as your charity.

  • Shop with Goodshop and select "TEN FE" as your charity.

  • Come on a trip to Guatemala with TEN FE.