Feliz Navidad! Christmas for TEN FE

Christmas time in Guatemala is special; for the majority of people in Guatemala (the poor) it is seen as strictly a religious holiday; one stripped of the commercialization surrounding Christmas that has become all too prevalent in the U.S.  Christmas, and most things in Guatemala, are simple because there are few to no resources for the majority of extremely poor people. To the poor in Guatemala, Santa Claus doesn't exist...nor the does the idea of giving or receiving a gift.  There just isn't money to spend on non-essential things for so many people in Guatemala.  It goes without saying, that the TEN FE students are no different.  When one third of the students are orphans and the others only have a working mother in their household, the idea of having extra money is a fallacy.  These kids could not go to school because their families could not afford a school uniform...so the thought of a gift...just doesn't happen.  Each year, a donor sends don Romeo $500 (a personal donation) to buy the TEN FE kids a gift at Christmas.  And sadly, each year, the need is so great that he spends the money buying them underwear and socks, a few school supplies, and a few pieces of candy.  The kids are grateful to receive whatever they are blessed with at such a special time of the year.  This year was an extra special year for the TEN FE students because Monica was able to spend Christmas in Guatemala with the wonderful Sactic family, and in doing so was able to deliver a special Christmas gift to each and every child.  This year, the personal donation of $500 went to buy a watch for each kid...something they would never dream of owning.  In addition, they got Christmas cards from Villa Madonna Spanish students, candy canes, chocolates, school supplies, little games and toys...and not to worry--they also got their much needed socks and underwear.  What a true blessing for Monica to witness such an awesome event and be a part of something truly special at Christmas time.  I believe that she got to see the true meaning of Christmas this year in Santiago, Guatemala.  God bless you all.  Merry Christmas and TEN FE.