"Human learning presupposes a specific social nature and a process by which children grow into the intellectual life of those around them." -Vygotsky,1978


One building, two purposes.  A building to serve as a grade school during the day and as a youth community center during the evening.  This will be a place where children can have safe spaces, learning opportunities, and a sense of belonging.  We want children to not only learn, but to thrive and excel. Our goal is that as they grow into educated adults, they will help to improve the community around them. These fortunate students will continue to 'Pay It Forward' by 'Giving Back' to their communities and neighbors.

TEN FE is building our school and community center as we speak!  However, we still have a lot of opportunities for you and your groups to help!  Interested in sponsoring:

  1. a needed retention wall to stop the erosion of land at our property (approx $4,000)

  2. 25-30 computers (new or used) for the computer lab (approx $ 5,000) FUNDED!

  3. water purification system (total $4,500---still need $1,000)

  4. playground equipment ($2,000)

  5. sponsor the kitchen/lunchroom (kitchen appliances, approx $1,500)

  6. sponsor a container of used goods for the new school from KY to be shipped to Guatemala (approx $7,000) FUNDED!

  7. sponsor an art room, music room, library ($2,000 each)

  8. school and gym uniforms ($5,000) FUNDED!

  9. want to sponsor something not listed, contact Julie at jluebbers@msn.com


Check out the progress of our school!

Front of the TEN FE school, August 2019

Front of the TEN FE school, August 2019

Kindergarten area of TEN FE school

Kindergarten area of TEN FE school

TEN FE school, August 2019

TEN FE school, August 2019